CARMEN MIRANDA SERIES at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

Andy Warhol proclaimed: “My idea of a good picture is one that is in focus and of a famous person.” Paying homage to the Warholian philosophy, Mauricio Porto is renowned for his chromatic celebrity-themed portraits. Recontextualizing the vision of these famous figures, he offers a new perspective of the iconic celebutantes as he skillfully interjects a joie de vivre to their dramatic persona.  Rendering a visual song to these noteworthy cultural pop figures such as the legendary South American movie star and singer, Carmen Miranda. he celebrates their contribution to the Silver Screen of the 1940’s, as well as to pop culture. Skillfully blending culture, imagination and sharp artistic skills, his dazzling paintings are a testament to the enduring power of celebrity portraiture.

Visually archiving the nostalgia of Americana culture, Mauricio Porto explores the mementos of the past, present, and future, transferring iconic images of celebrities as the focal point of his compositions. Reinforcing their historic cinematic and musical importance, Mauricio Porto symbolically demonstrates their everlasting vintage quality and his formidable virtuosic skills.  By merging his own concept of personal idols, he is strikingly attuned to the fact that these instantly recognizable and larger-than-life personalities continue to resonate not only with contemporary American culture, but with a worldwide market, continuing with a timeless quality.

Uniquely paying tribute to iconic artists, Mauricio Porto’s artistic journalism creates a unique and playful relationship of remembrance of these famous cult personalities. By successfully portraying celebrity figures, he transfigures his icons into a fascinating realm, manifesting a fresh perspective of our world. Focusing on the details, his dazzling compositions illuminate the enduring influence of these stars on our culture. Through his visual representation, his compelling repertoire stems from a fascination with the impact that their celebrities have on our society.

Defining traits are most prevalent through his portraiture, with the face serving as the epicenter for visualizing cues to the inner depths of the star’s personality. At the heart of Mauricio Porto’s oeuvre is his ability to capture the hidden emotions, unseen attitudes and strong personalities of these famous individuals.  His current series presents a cosmopolitan montage as he extracts the tangible essence that invites us to identify with each character. Our multicultural world becomes a verified reality through Mauricio Porto’s artwork, allowing us to have a visual conversation and emotionally interact with these worldly icons.

By shining the spotlight on Hollywood and musical entertainers, the award-winning Mauricio Porto’s celebrity driven portraits communicate the legacy of these stars and the thrilling story on how our culture remembers them.  Unbounded creativity permeates the oeuvre of this Graphic Designer and Art Designer who is internationally acclaimed, and his fascinating collage celebrity art has catapulted him to the international art arena. Born in Brazil and now residing in New York, his art is treasured in galleries and collections in New York, South America and Europe. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to shine the spotlight on this important global celebutante.


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