MPorto at WHB Library

Westhampton Public Library

It is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” What can be said about paintings full of images and colors among millions of words and hundreds of books, miles of information, and culture? The idea of showcasing my art to an audience seeking information makes me happy. It feels like a meeting […]

Art Expo NY 2024

It was so good to participate! Artexpo New York is an annual fine art destination, in 2024 in its 47th year, it hosted more than 200 innovative exhibiting galleries, art publishers and dealers, and artists from across the globe, showcasing original works of 1000+ artists.

Meditation series

FINDING NEMO – Acrylic and oil on canvas – 36×36″ – 2024 Did you find it? Yes, the little cute clownfish is kind of hidden there. As a big fan of animation movies I could help to fall in love with Finding Nemo, but the idea came up while I was doing the digital sketches for […]

Paris 2024

Maurício Porto participates in the exhibition Salón des Indépendants 2024 in Paris With a trajectory in the arts that includes several exhibitions in United States and Brazil, Maurício Porto currently resides in New York with his husband Jorge Veronese. Both were in Paris for the artist’s participation in the Salón des Artistes Indépendants 2024, which […]


MADONNA ICONIC | 39 x 47″ | Oil over Acrylic on Canvas | 2018 What to say about Madonna? The Queen of Pop, the Queen of Self Marketing Strategies. She brings a combination of artistic creation, rhythm and audacious intelligence based on pure provocation. How not to surrender? Madonna poses and the world stops to […]


My most remarkable exhibition was Carmen Miranda – The Brazilian Bombshell.  Painting portraits are my favorite theme, but the expression on Carmen Miranda’s face suddenly appeared in my life and became an infinite inspiration. It happened first as an image study for a design project. So, I had never painted her face and decided to […]


Movies, music, books, magazines and astrology are some of my passions. One of the remarkable movies I watched as a teenager was Hair, by Milos Forman . Still living in my hometown, I recall leaving the theater with that good sensation that the world could be better somehow and somewhere. The singer Renn Woods  opening […]