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Westhampton Library Mauricio Porto
It is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” What can be said about paintings full of images and colors among millions of words and hundreds of books, miles of information, and culture?

The idea of showcasing my art to an audience seeking information makes me happy. It feels like a meeting of guidelines between colors, shapes, and words. So many interpretations…

My inspiration comes from magazines, fashion, and culture, as I am a professional in the fields of advertising, design, direction, and art creation. I hope the visitors and readers of this library space enjoy, read, and admire my artworks.

I would like to express my gratitude to Westhampton Public Library for the opportunity. Opening the doors to art is a noble and, above all, creative gesture.

Maurício Porto


A universe of colors, flowers, tropical landscapes, and portraits of iconic personalities from the media world – this is the art of Maurício Porto, a Brazilian artist based in New York.

Porto has dedicated over 40 years to painting, alongside his professional activities as an advertiser and graphic designer. The talent has been present since childhood, but it was at the age of 16 that the artist first picked up brushes, with private lessons under the guidance of Maria Augusta Procópio, an artist-teacher from his hometown, with a degree in Fine Arts.

His fondness for portraits and people is remarkable. The faces and expressions that emerge from his canvases are executed with the skill of a painter who enjoys studying personalities and the human figure. Using as subjects both well-known artists and anonymous faces from his compositions, scenes and gestures are recreated against chromatic backgrounds with customized colors. By blending characters with elements of the tropical nature of his native country, Maurício Porto’s paintings bring forth enigmatic and exclusive compositions, such as portraits of old Hollywood actress Carmen Miranda, a Brazilian cultural symbol extensively explored by the artist.

The strong influence of Pop Art is also perceptible in the choice of themes and colors, with Andy Warhol being one of the Mauricio’s idols, along with the abstract master Mark Rothko.

The former for the fascination with portraying iconic people connected to the mass media, and the latter for the absolute use of color as a form of expression. Porto draws from these sources while bringing his own refined and distinctive style to his art, always showcasing the central theme adorned by other forms.

Mauricio Porto participated in Les Salon des Artists Independants, at the Grand Palais Éphèmere, in Paris last February and will have his paintings exhibited at ArtExpoNY from April 4th to 7th, Pier 36, New York. A frequent visitor to the Hamptons, his artworks will be displayed at the Westhampton Public Library during the month of June 2024.